Pigmented Masterbatches

Time: 2013-08-02
Pigmented masterbatches are offered for liquid silicone rubbers. Targeted for companies serving the healthcare markets, these masterbatches meet Class VI biological testing requirements and are available as unrestricted (may be considered for use in long term implantable applications) and restricted (may be considered for short term implantable less than 30 days or for external applications) versions. The liquid silicone rubber pigmented masterbatches have a consistency similar to many liquid silicone rubbers. MED2-4800 (unrestricted) and MED2-4900 (restricted) contain 50% barium sulfate . , and MED3-4800 (unrestricted) and MED3-4900 (restricted) contain 50% titanium dioxide by weight. The company designed these products to be pumped by a third line into the dynamic mixing chamber in liquid injection molding  equipment. This material can also be easily added by hand to other liquid silicone systems for compression molding  (with a de-airing step after mixing), according to the company

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