Promising Future For Waterbased Coatings

From: Chinacoat News
Time: 2011-08-31
                                            Promising Future For Waterbased Coatings

 The rapid growth of the number of paint manufacturers and factories is a temporary phenomenon. It only reflects the existing market demand. With the continuous improvement in market infrastructure and technology, only those who persist to strive for excellence in product quality and services wil be able to survive.

  When water-based wood coating is introduced to the China market, the industry and the consumers have high hope on such environmentally friendly products. After the introduction of Duefa and Shangdong  Alimei in 1996, the production of water-based coating have sprung up all over China. Most domestic manufacturers have been trying to get involved in producing water-based coatings.

  Although the development is subject to many constraints, I am optimistic about the prospects of water-based wood coatings. Traditional oil-based coatings will be sooner or later replaced by their water-based counterpart. But it is an immense challenge for water-based wood coating to be prosperous in the market. It requires not only the proactive participation of industry experts abd government officials,but also the synergetic cooperation among raw material manufacturers and downstream users.

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